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I am a filmmaker and creative producer based in New York City, freelancing as a video producer, director, director of photography and video editor, in various capacities. In March 2018 I created my own production company, Auteur Theory LLC.

Since June 2017 I have been working directly with advertising agencies, dynamic out of home companies, brands, and private companies to produce various forms of video content, including national spots, social content in all formats, promo videos, case studies and internal videos (such as new business and campaign pitches, event videos, and more). When not spearheading productions, I work on high-end commercials and music videos in the camera department as a camera operator or visual effects/playback operator (VTR).

On set with People's TV, West Point Military Academy

On set with People's TV, West Point Military Academy

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Prior to returning to freelance, I directed and edited content at 360i ad agency for brands HBO/Cinemax/AMC, Oreo, Canon, Lean Cuisine, Nespresso, Absolut, Oscar Mayer, Simply, among others. With real-world commercial production and agency experience, my goal is to bring a unique mix of earnest hands-on work with a sincere appreciation for the creative vision and client concerns.  Creating content for all the popular platforms keeps me up to date on the latest social trends and innovations.

After earning my BA in Film Production and Theory from the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, I began my first production work experience as a camera operator and assistant editor for Josh Fox, director of the Academy nominated Gasland. This left me with a great appreciation for documentary filmmaking and operating and styling for realism. Soon after, I spent several years working in freelance commercial production between the office and camera departments on some of the biggest commercials in NYC. During that time I gradually transitioned into the camera department - occasionally shooting, 2nd Unit Directing, and handling visual effects/playback (VTR). It is through VTR that I was able to witness an extraordinary range of production styles, directing styles and use of visual/computer effects. This experience has been invaluable in my understanding of the production process and still keeps me up to date with the late big-budget technologies being used today!

//       One of my favorite films is The 400 Blows by François Truffaut, 1959